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Royal L. Garff Presidential Chair in Marketing, Marketing Department, Department of Marketing
Presidential Professor, Marketing Department, University of Utah

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Phone: +1(800)123-4566

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Maid Services
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What our Clients Say

Limelight ladies have cleaned our retail store and our home. Very satisfied with both. Looking forward to having you girls keep it up.

Christina G,property manager

Limelight Cleaning saved the day! Thanks so much for coming to our office on last mins notice to clean things up! It looked fabulous and we look forward to working with you all for regular cleanings.

Sean HakesCEO at Altitude SEO

Nealie is a lifesaver, seriously!! I am a 31yr old mom (5 & 7yr old) stuck in an 90yr old womans body due to fibromyalgia and i was insanely overwhelmed with my disorganized house. Particularly the kids bedrooms were my worst nightmare. Laundry everywhere and toys all over. A bazillion legos just all over the place. She came today and helped me organize both kids rooms, she made me feel like i had energy to get this done! Thank you so much Nealie ♡

Ellie C,mother